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What is OZOBUS?

OZOBUS is an eco-transportation company which focuses on providing end to end transportation solutions to passengers who booked their bus tickets.We have partnered with bus operator to enable this services. We help the operator to ferry their passengers from home to bus stops and back to their respective droping location.

Travel to other cities in Car or Bus @Ticket Rate and Get pick up and drop to your bus stops

Drive with us and get , a car owner that wants to fund your dreams or simply offset costs of your car and help out the community to get rides around town-OZOBUS is a perfect parner for you.

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Customer Safety And Service Is Our Priority

OZOBUS aims to provide a quality service that enables passenger to choose the best Bus or Car in the market


We provide a waterbottle,blanket,eyemask to passenger for a comfort journey.We make make sure the bus is clean and neat


Providing a free pickup service for female and senior citizens on late night travel.We ensure a safe and comfort journey


Wifi We provide a limited wifi services for the passenger on board where they can chat,watch movies etc .

Smart People

Providing a free pick up and drop for the people who are physically challenged and we make sure your journey in the safe place Simple Search

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